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The intricate cutting above would be a great Valentine's Day, anniversary or 
wedding gift. It actually has the wedding date at the bottom in the vines. Mat has been cut with 24 seperate cuts to achieve the effect you see above. 
The cutting above depicts a Native American on his horse, carrying a lance in preparation for battle or a buffalo hunt. The 8 pointed star configuration is an excellent format for a central themed cutting. The mat has 16 individual cuts to form the opening.
​$ 62.99
The Dragon cutting above is my latest with its intricately cut mat. The dragon motif cutting won "Best In Show" at the San Bernardino County Fair the year I exhibited my work there. The color above is Chinese Red. $69.95​
The cutting above depicts a Navajo child standing next to a Zuni or Acuna pot. Next to the foot of the child is a fetish bear. Perhaps he is of the Bear Clan. This silhouette style of cutting is cut flat with a sharp blade. The black cutting is complemented by the brown mat and black frame. Ready for Sale Now. $52.99. Ships within 24 hrs.
​Free Shipping!
The hummingbird cutting above is popular as no two are the same; each is unique. The black on white combination has an elegant and classic look, popular in the early part of the 20th century. The mat board can be cut to follow the cutting as on the Dragon cutting, or cut simply as above. $54.99
The cutting above depicts a Native American on his horse, waving his marriage blanket, in preparation for the ceremony. Each cutting is individually hand cut, so each is unique. The natural oak frame complements the  brown cutting and the cream color mat.  ​$62.99
The "Spiderman" cutting above is made with pieces of colored paper cut in the desired shapes to form his body. The black lines on the costume were hand applied with a fine ink pen. This would make a great addition to a boy's room. All the black is a single piece of cut paper. The background is water colored.
This cutting depicts Big Horn Sheep that are common in the Southwest Desert area. The ram and the ewe are shown in their natural habitat. The background is water-colored for added visual interest.
This framed (11"x11") cutting is of an adult Huskie dog. As with all my cuttings, all the black is one piece of cut paper. The brown of the dog and the background is added water color. $65.99
Framed cuttings are matted in complementary colors. Mats can be simply cut as in the hummmingbird below, or more intricately cut as in the cutting shown below on the left,and center. Frames are oak finished in natural, cherry, walnut or black. Size 11"x11" made in the USA. All materials are acid free. Double matting comes with a nominal charge of $10.00. Shipping is included in the price. I hope you like my work.
The above  cutting (8"x20") was created for a customer who was redoing their master bathroom. The design elements in the above cutting, i.e. the palm trees, surf boards, hibiscus flower, and the woodie wagon were taken from the package insert from their new shower curtain and used here. The designs were created by layering the different colored papers needed for the designs and cut at one time, then using the appropriate color for the different parts of the design. The backgrounds were water-colored to give the beach theme as in the package insert. It really came out great. $159.99
This 8" x 20" framed piece has three openings in the mat each with a different fairy depicted. The Dragonfly Fairy, The Fuschia Fairy and the Rabbit Fairy fill the three openings. Fairies can be ordered as 11" x 11" framed cuttings or as you see here. This is a great deal as you get 3 cuttings which forms its own grouping. $74.99 ​​

Ready For SALE Now. Ships within 24 hrs. FREE Shipping!
I have many fairy designs: 16 in all. Among them are The Rose Fairy, and Lily Fairy.  Woodland Fairy designs include Pine Bough Fairy, Mushroom Fairy, Snail Riding Fairy and the Moon Fairy which depicts a fairy serenading the moon with her violin while sitting on the moon, accented with stars. Very beautiful designs. See the STORE PAGE for more Fairies!
More Cuttings Ready For Immediate Sale!!!
Please see below and the STORE PAGE.
These "Victorian Photo Frames" are to be placed in the frame next to the glass so the picture behind shows through the opening. Elevates the giving of a framed photo to a new level. Sized for 5x7 frames as above or 8 x 10 as below. Individually hand cut of heavy stock paper. $15.99 ea.
5 x 7 Rose Trellis Photo Frame.
1 Available
On SALE Now. $​14.99  Ships within 24 hrs. FREE Shipping!
5 x 7 Beach Theme Photo Frame.
1 Available
​On SALE Now. $14.99  Ships within 24 hrs. FREE Shipping!
 Arabesque Style 8 x 10 Photo Frame.  This is how it looks once installed in a frame with a picture behind.
 2 Available Now!
On SALE Now! $14.99 Ships within 24 hrs.
​FREE Shipping!
8 x 10 Rose Garland Photo Frame. 2 Available Now!
On SALE Now! $14.99  Ships within 24 hrs.
​FREE Shipping!
More examples of my work to be added later.
Thank you for visiting my site.​
If you desire a cutting created just for you, please contact me by email or phone. I generally keep my phone with me all the time.  As each one is individually hand crafted, please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be created. My email address is: and my phone number is (909) 910-5033. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Coming SOON! Christmas Ornaments with cuttings inside are a must see!
​I have more to add. Check Back In A Few Days Please.                                      Thank You.
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About Paper Cuttings

Paper cutouts are a form of art that had its origins in China many centuries ago. In the 1600’s, it spread to Europe where it became particularly popular throughout its Jewish communities. During the 19th century, developments in the dye industry resulted in brightly colored shiny paper becoming readily available. Polish peasants, who had a tradition of decorating their cottages with hand-painted or stenciled motifs, began using them to create colorful cutouts, or wycinanki.
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I am Linda Gomez. I was born in Ontario Canada, and with my family, emmigrated to the US in 1957 at the age of 10. I have been living in So California since that time. I go back home to visit my cousins by the dozens regularly and enjoy reconnecting with my roots when I do. My Online Store offers quality products, I have hand crafted to enhance your home or for gifts. Some pieces I do are custom ordered due to the nature of the design, IE wedding dates, dates of birth, etc. Eventually I will be offering some other informational products for use in business, computer programs and the like for use in business, while other products offered are business opportunities, and other products that will enhance your home and life.

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